Trump: Kavanaugh Allegations a Democratic ‘Con Game’

President Donald Trump during the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, September 25, 2018. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

President Trump on Tuesday dismissed the allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh as a “con game” knowingly perpetrated by Democrats eager to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

“I think it’s horrible what the Democrats have done. It is a con game; they really are con artists,” he told reporters while in New York to address the United Nations General Assembly. “They don’t believe it themselves. They know he’s a high-quality person. They don’t believe it. It is just resist and obstruct. They are playing a con game and they are playing it very well, much better than Republicans.”

In his most forceful denunciation of the allegations to date, Trump continued to employ the phrase “con game” and even spelled the word out, “C-O-N.” He went on to point out that the latest accuser, Deborah Ramirez, admits to being drunk at the time she alleges Kavanaugh assaulted her.

“She was totally inebriated and all messed up and she doesn’t know,” Trump said. “It might have been him or it might have been him.”

“Gee, let’s not make him a Supreme Court judge,” he added sarcastically.

In a Sunday New Yorker article, Ramirez claimed Kavanaugh drunkenly thrust his penis in her face at a dorm party during his freshman year at Yale. There are no eyewitness accounts included in the story and the New York Times was similarly unable to secure eyewitness testimony.

Ramirez herself expressed doubts about Kavanaugh’s guilt to New Yorker reporter Ronan Farrow as well as a number of her Yale classmates, whom she contacted in an effort to corroborate her memories.

Kavanaugh and his original accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, are scheduled to testify Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday morning that the administration “would be open” to allowing Ramirez to testify along with Kavanaugh and Ford. But when asked about the possibility of Ramirez appearing before the Committee, Trump suggested her testimony would not be credible.

“She thinks maybe it could have been him, maybe not. Admits she was drunk. She admits time lapses,” Trump said. “This is a person, and this is a series of statements that is going to take one of the most talented intellects from a judicial standpoint in our country, keep him off the U.S. Supreme Court?”

A number of Republican lawmakers, including Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, have wavered in recent days in their support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and have said they will listen to Thursday’s testimony before making a final decision.


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