Trump Optimistic about House Regardless of Midterm Results

President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Erie, Penn., October 10, 2018. (Leah Millis/Reuters )

President Trump sounded optimistic on Thursday about his ability to work with Democrats if they should win the majority in the House this fall.

“If we lose the majority in the House, which is always a possibility, we will probably have to just fight it out and it’s a shame,” the president said in an interview with Fox & Friends. “It would be a shame because we’d be wasting a lot of time. But we’ll just have to fight out it out because there are a lot of haters and they’re just absolute haters.”

He added though that, “We have a lot of things where there is commonality.”

“Now, can we get along? Maybe. There’s a possibility,” he said. “They want infrastructure, I want infrastructure. There’s something that can bring us together. And it’s possible that we’ll even get along. . . . We have a lot of things that they want and that I want.”

Democrats are 23 seats short of a majority in the lower chamber, and are projected to win at least that many. The party has a healthy 13-point lead over Republicans on the generic ballot, according to a CNN poll conducted earlier this month.

The president, however, said he believes his party will come out on top in November.

“I see the spirit that the Republicans have and I really believe we’re going to be successful. In Pennsylvania, they redistricted certain areas, which was really unfair, in my opinion. Really unfair,” he said about the changes to Pennsylvania’s congressional map. “But I think there we’re going to do well. I think state-wise, I do very well in all these places we’re talking about. But it’s not about me right now, it’s about individual races. I see things happening that are very good.”

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