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Google Launches Antiracism Program Teaching That America Is a ‘System of White Supremacy’

(Charles Platiau/Reuters)

Google has launched an antiracism program for employees, featuring training workshops and speaker sessions, that teaches the principles of critical race theory, chiefly that America was founded on white supremacy.

The initiative invokes the familiar language of the radicalized ideology, including “intersectionality,” “white privilege,” and “systemic racism,” according to whistleblower documents obtained by Christopher Rufo of City Journal.

In one segment of the program coined “Allyship in Action,” a group of trainers including Google’s head of systemic allyship Randy Reyes and consultants from The Ladipo Group, ask employees to confront their “power and privilege” and rank themselves according to their racial background and sexual orientation.

A number of videos presented to employees conveyed the message that racism is an irredeemable stain on America’s national fabric and that white people have profited from white supremacy, even if they are innocent of engaging in it personally.

Alongside Google’s former global lead for diversity strategy Kamau Bobb, 1619 Project editor Nikole Hannah-Jones says in one video that  “the first Africans being sold on the White Lion [slave ship in 1619] is more foundational to the American story” than “the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock,” Rufo confirms. She said she was inspired to spearhead the New York Times’s 1619 Project to prove her hypothesis that every facet of modern day America is rooted in slavery.

“If you name anything in America, I can relate it back to slavery,” she said in the video. Jones then echoed the central theses of progressive author Ibram X. Kendi’s book How to Be An Antiracist, which argues that only reverse discrimination against white people can rectify the remnants of racism still pervading America.

“If you’re white in this country, then you have to understand that whether you personally are racist or not, whether you personally engage in racist behavior or not, you are the beneficiary of a 350-year system of white supremacy and racial hierarchy,” she said.

Kendi then spoke in a video about how young people in America are conditioned to be racist by birth. “To be raised in the United States, is to be raised to be racist, and to be raised to be racist is to be raised to almost be addicted to racist ideas,” he said.

“The youngest of people are not colorblind — between three and six months, our toddlers are beginning to understand race and see race,” Kendi added. As an antidote, Kendi suggested Americans be prescribed anti-racism and “respond in the same way that they respond when they are diagnosed with a serious illness.” He reiterated that denial of racism is merely proof of it.

“For me, the heartbeat of racism is denial and the sound of that denial is ‘I’m not racist,'” he said.

Although not green-lighted as official company policy, an internal document called “Anti-racism resources” was offered to Google employees to educate on the warning signs and red flags of “covert white supremacy,” some of which include the phrases “colorblindness,” “[American] exceptionalism,” “Columbus Day,” “weaponized whiteness,” and “Make America Great Again.”

Rufo also discovered a page called “The White Supremacy Pyramid,” which claims  conservative commentator Ben Shapiro fuels white supremacy” and that former President Trump’s movement is a precursor to “mass murder” and “genocide.”

Google is one of a number of tech behemoths and companies that have hosted similar employee trainings or promoted critical race theory within their ranks and operations. In June, it was revealed that Amazon donated hundreds of copies of Kendi’s book to a Virginia public high school. A month earlier in May, Rufo broke the story that Disney had launched a “diversity and inclusion program” called “Reimagine Tomorrow” that asked employees to complete a “white privilege checklist” and examine systemic racism, white privilege, white fragility, white saviors, microaggressions, and antiracism.