Gunshot Fired into Republican Field Office in Arizona During Campaign Event

(Callaghan O'Hare/Reuters)

A gunshot was fired through the window of the Mohave County Republican Office in Bullhead City, Ariz., on Thursday with five volunteers inside.

The volunteers were hosting an online meeting of Trump supporters when the gunshot shattered a window near the door of the office. Bullhead City police are still investigating the incident, and have not yet announced any suspects or possible motives. The shooting follows several incidents of violence directed at Trump supporters.

“Last night, another group of President Donald Trump supporters appeared to be targeted when a gun shot was fired into a clearly-marked local Republican office while they were inside hosting an event,” RNC spokesman Rick Gorka told Fox News. “Thankfully no one was hurt….This pattern of violence against our volunteers is sickening.”

In early February, a Florida resident drove his pickup truck into a voter registration tent staffed by Republicans in Jacksonville, Fla. The resident, Gregory Timm, confirmed to police that he acted due to anti-Trump animus, saying “someone had to take a stand.” Timm told police that he had waited until staff had left the tent, but video of the incident that Timm filmed on his cell phone showed two people standing in front of the tent as he drove towards it.

A New Hampshire man, Patrick Bradley, was arrested around the same time after he slapped a 15-year-old Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat across the face. Bradley pleaded not guilty to assault charges.

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