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Hillary Clinton’s Publicist Told Ronan Farrow His Weinstein Exposé Was a ‘Concern’ for Clinton: REPORT

Hillary Clinton speaks in Las Vegas, Nev., in 2016. (Steve Marcus/Reuters)

In his new book on the Harvey Weinstein sexual-assault scandal, journalist Ronan Farrow has revealed that Hillary Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, contacted him and attempted to pressure him into dropping the Weinstein story, at what he apparently alleges was Weinstein’s behest.

Farrow writes in the book that he received a call from Merrill, who told him that the Weinstein story he was working on was “a concern for” Clinton, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He goes on to reveal that Weinstein proposed making a documentary series on Clinton to NBC, Farrow’s employer.

Merrill, for his part, denied that he or the Clinton campaign had felt any pressure from Weinstein in a response to the new revelations posted on Twitter.

Weinstein is set to face trial on rape charges in New York City in January, after trying and failing to have the case moved to New Jersey.

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