Mayor’s Plan to Abolish Police Department Will End in Disaster, City’s Ex-Chief Warns

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick interviewed on WSYR about his police-reform plan, February 24, 2021. (NewsChannel 9 WSYR/Screengrab via YouTube)
Svante Myrick is one of the first progressives to make policy out of last summer's protests.

A progressive mayor’s proposal to abolish the police department of a small city in upstate New York is sparking concerns among residents that the reform effort will exacerbate a recent spike in violent crime, the town’s former police chief told National Review.

Svante Myrick — who has served as mayor of Ithaca, N.Y., since assuming the role in 2011 at age 24 — announced his comprehensive plan to replace the city’s current 63-officer department with a civilian-led “Community Solutions and Public Safety Department” in an interview with GQ Magazine last month.

Under the reimagined format, Ithaca’s streets would be patrolled by armed “public

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