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Joaquin Castro Accidentally Outs One of His Own Donors While Shaming Trump Supporters

Representative Joaquin Castro speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pa., in 2016. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

Representative Joaquin Castro (D., Texas) inadvertently exposed one of his own donors in an effort to publicly shame San Antonio-area Trump supporters.

Castro posted a list of San Antonio Trump supporters on Twitter on Monday in an attempt to expose them for “fueling a campaign of hate.”

But one of the San Antonio residents listed, local real-estate developer Wayne Harwell, also contributed $1,000 to Castro’s first congressional campaign in 2011.

“I was also on a list of people that gave to Castro and if he dislikes me enough that he wants to put my name out there against Trump, I’m not going to give money to him,” Harwell told Fox News. “Obviously Castro feels pretty strongly against me.”

Asked Wednesday if he was concerned that the people included on the list might be harassed by political opponents, Castro said that was “not his intention” and attempted to distance himself from any possible fallout by pointing out that he “didn’t create the graphic.”

House minority leader Steve Scalise, who was critically wounded during a 2017 shooting at a congressional baseball practice, chastised Castro for potentially placing people in danger due to their political beliefs.

“People should not be personally targeted for their political views, period,” Scalise said. “This isn’t a game. It’s dangerous, and lives are at stake. I know this firsthand.”

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