Media Misrespresents NRA’s Comments on News Censorship

NRA-TV host Colion Noir (via YouTube)

A left-leaning media outlet misrepresented a National Rifle Association spokesperson’s comment that the government should censor news on school shootings, even after he clearly stated it was a satirical remark.

Colion Noir, an NRA-TV host and gun rights activist recorded a satirical video in which he compared censoring the media to over-regulating firearms.

“It’s time for Congress to step up and pass legislation putting common sense limitations on our mainstream media’s ability to report on these school shootings,” Noir began.

“Pass a law stopping the media from reporting the killer’s name or showing his face. You can still report on the shootings. We just need reasonable laws that place limitation on the glory and fame you give to these killers and their twisted motivations,” the NRA spokesman said.

Vice News jumped on Noir’s comments and ran an article slamming the NRA.

“The National Rifle Association is calling for outright censorship as news of yet another school shooting dominates national headlines,” the article reads.

But Noir flipped the script moments later, clarifying that he “vehemently disagrees” with censoring the media’s ability to report a story.

“You know that feeling of anxiety that shot through your body when I said the government should pass laws to limit the media’s ability to exercise their First Amendment right?” Noir asked. “That’s the same feeling gun owners get when they hear people say the same thing about the Second Amendment.

“Hearing me advocate for the government’s ability to limit anyone’s First Amendment rights, including the media, should anger all of you watching this video, the same way it should anger you when anyone tries to use the same limitations on the Second Amendment.”

While he does believe reporters should “hold themselves accountable” and consider how “over-reporting” on a shooting could inspire other shooters, Noir said he would never support the government imposing limits on the press.

Noir responded to the Vice article, saying it proves that “our media can’t be trusted to do their job objectively and throughly.”

“I’ll be waiting for your retraction,” he said.

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