Mexican President Vincente Fox Endorses Beto O’Rourke: ‘An All American‘

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox (Frank Polich/Reuters )

Former Mexican president Vincente Fox endorsed Representative Beto O’Rourke’s (D., Texas) campaign to unseat Senator Ted Cruz in a Thursday tweet.

“Wow! What a candidate! What a man! Beto, you are fantastic,” Fox said in a video posted to Twitter. “You’re great! You’re an all-American.”

Fox, who held office from 2000 to 2006, famously told President Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign that “Mexico will not pay for the f***ing wall.”

Fox explained his involvement in American politics during a Tuesday speech at Northwestern University.

“I’ve been an opponent and resistant (of Trump) because I feel as part of this nation — I am part of this nation — and I don’t like what I’m seeing,” Fox said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Fox went on to urge all Mexican and Latin American immigrants to support O’Rourke.

“You are the enlightenment for Texas and I hope every single Mexican, Latin, every Hispanic in that great state of Texas is going to vote for you,” Fox said. “You deserve it because you are going to respond to the hope and expectations of Texas, understanding what they need and understanding what America needs.”

Cruz, a Cuban-American, has accused O’Rourke of pandering to the state’s Latino population, which makes up 39 percent of the total, by abbreviating his given name, Robert, to Beto, a traditional nickname for the latino “Roberto.”

Trump resumed his attack on O’Rourke Wednesday, calling him a “flake” following his debate with Cruz.

Real Clear Politics polling average has Cruz leading O’Rourke by seven percentage points just two weeks ahead of the election.

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