Newsom Faces Recall Danger as Frustrated Parents Reach Breaking Point

California Governor Gavin Newsom attends a news conference to launch a coronavirus vaccination supersite in San Diego, Calif., February 8, 2021. (Sandy Huffaker/Pool via Reuters)
Outraged parents, many of whom voted for Newsom, might push the recall effort over the top.

For parents like Clarissa Falen, California governor Gavin Newsom has been a letdown.

Falen, a Bay Area native, described herself as a lifelong Republican — “fiscal conservative, social liberal”— and said she broke party lines for the first time when she voted for Newsom, a Democrat, in 2018.

“I thought he would stand up to special-interest groups. And I thought he would be innovative in how to run California,” she explained, calling him the “most qualified” at the time.

But one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Falen, a mother of two high schoolers who now lives northeast of Sacramento, has joined the growing

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