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NRA Political Contributions Surge in Wake of Parkland Shooting

People sign up at the booth for the National Rifle Association (NRA) at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland, February 23, 2018. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Donations to the National Rifle Association’s PAC spiked after 17 people were killed in the Valentine’s Day mass-shooting in Parkland, Fla.

The NRA’s political arm, the Political Victory Fund, raised roughly $779,000 in February compared to nearly $250,000 in January, according to Federal Election Committee filings.

The NRA emerged as the primary target of the youth gun-control movement sparked by the Parkland attack. The organization, and the politicians it supports, have been repeatedly demonized by the student activists.

The shooting, and resulting backlash against the NRA and pro-Second Amendment lawmakers, appears to have catalyzed the donations; the group received 51 donations of more than $200 — totaling $27,100 — in the first two weeks of February and 226 donations — totaling $70,870 — of more than $200 in the two weeks after the shooting, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

While the number of large donations increased substantially following the shooting, nearly 88 percent of February donations — totaling $685,099 — were under $200.


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