Palestinian Demonstrators Accost Jews in NYC’s Diamond District

Pro-Palestinian supporters demonstrate across the street from the Israeli Consulate in New York, N.Y., May 18, 2021. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Palestinian protestors paraded through the Manhattan Diamond District, a historically Jewish neighborhood, Thursday evening chanting anti-semitic language, disrupting traffic, and accosting patrons of local businesses.

Standing atop a pick-up truck waving a Palestinian flag, a demonstrator shouted, “Any Jews in here, suck my d***.”

“Get the f*** out, get the f*** out,” another reportedly told an Orthodox Jewish man hurrying away from the commotion. The demonstrators also tossed a firecracker at bystanders, sending one woman and two police officers to the hospital with injuries.

In other video footage taken Thursday evening, Palestinian protestors are seen beating a Jewish man with an object while New York Police Department (NYPD) officers rush to intervene. The NYPD is currently investigating the multiple incidents that have been reported.

Just blocks away, in Times Square, 26 people were arrested after pro-Palestine and pro-Israel demonstrators clashed in the street.

The unrest in New York City came hours after Israel and Hamas reached a ceasefire agreement, which took effect early Friday morning local time.

The latest round of violence in Gaza has divided American lawmakers. The progressive wing of the Democratic party has staunchly criticized Israel for its aggressive response to Hamas strikes on its civilian population.

The Biden administration has taken a lukewarm public stance on the existential threat posed to Israel by Hamas, although it has reiterated the nation’s right to defend itself from indiscriminate rocket assault.

Before a ceasefire was declared, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded to the attacks on its territory and population by launching strategic retaliatory airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, targeting weapons stockpile locations, Hamas military headquarters, and underground tunnels sheltering terrorists and supplies. Before striking an area populated by civilians, Israel notifies Palestinian civilians on the ground via multiple communication channels, warning them to evacuate to safety.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and fellow members of the progressive “squad” have pushed to cancel an arms sale to Israel, which would provide the embattled state with the mechanism to convert “dumb” bombs into precision-guided weapons.

While President Joe Biden signaled his support for a “ceasefire” as well as his insistence that innocent lives be spared in recent phone conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he has yet to condemn the anti-semitic comments and verbal attack on America’s greatest peacetime and military ally in the Middle East stemming from the congressional chamber.

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