Poll: Percentage of Americans Who Cite Immigration as Nation’s Top Problem Hits Record High

Central American migrants walk during their journey towards the United States in Villa Comaltitlan, Mexico, April 18, 2019. (Jose Cabezas/Reuters)

The percentage of Americans who cite immigration as the nation’s “most important problem” has hit a record high as the Trump administration continues to struggle with an unprecedented influx of migrants streaming across the southern border.

27 percent of Americans said they saw immigration as the “most important problem” facing the country in the latest Gallup poll, up four points from the previous month’s poll. Immigration has loomed larger in Americans’ minds this year as the crisis at the border has escalated. During the spring months when it becomes easier to travel, illegal crossings of undocumented migrants tend to spike and did so at particularly high rates this year.

As might be expected, there was a pronounced partisan split in poll responses, with 42 percent of Republicans citing immigration as the most pressing problem compared to only 20 percent of Democrats.

The government and poor leadership ranked second among voters’ concerns, with 23 percent of people citing those as the most important problems the country faces. About 7 percent of people said race relations and racism were the most important problems, and another 7 percent cited health care.

The Gallup poll surveyed 1,525 people and was conducted from July 1 to 12.

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