Portland Riots: How Troubled Youth, Angry Moms Locked Arms to Upend a City

Rioters in Portland, Ore., July 26, 2020. (Caitlin Ochs/Reuters)
NR spoke with people who were among the hundreds arrested while rioting in Portland. Here's what we found.

Sporting an open wound near his right eye after he was shot in the face with a pepper ball, Camillo Massagli put his trumpet to his lips in late July and blew the tune to the Portland protesters’ anti-police chant.

“Take it to the streets, and (expletive) the police. No justice, no peace.”

With his blood, he wrote “feds” on the ground, painting a red slash through the word.

Better known to protesters in Seattle and Portland as “the Trumpet Man,” Massagli, 26, with his long blonde hair and a goatee, has been a fixture at demonstrations over the last five months.

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(Andy Massagli)

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