Progressive Prosecutor Disillusioned after Working for Philly’s Reformer DA: ‘His Record Is Abysmal’

Larry Krassner at the Democratic Debate for Philadelphia District Attorney, May 5, 2021. (NBC10 Philadelphia/Screenshot via Youtube)

Tuesday’s district attorney primary in Philadelphia represents a stark referendum on the vision of criminal-justice reform championed by the cohort of progressive prosecutors who swept into office in cities across the country in recent years by promising radical change.

No one represents the bold promises of the era more than incumbent district attorney Larry Krasner, a civil-rights lawyer who in 2018 headlined a fleet of like-minded prosecutors backed by George Soros.

Even Krasner’s critics recognize his talent for churning up publicity. In April, PBS released an eight-part documentary on his tenure as Philadelphia’s DA and Random House happened to publish his memoir

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