Ronan Farrow: Clinton Associates’ Attempts to Kill Weinstein Story Show How ‘Power Protects Power’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband, former U.S. president Bill Clinton in Chappaqua, N.Y., November 8, 2016. (Mike Segar/REUTERS)

During an interview with Buzzfeed’s “AM2DM” Tuesday morning, journalist Ronan Farrow suggested that Hillary Clinton’s team “became nervous” over Farrow’s investigative work in exposing disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“It was raised with me as I was trying to schedule an interview with Hillary Clinton for my foreign policy book, for which every other living Secretary of State had agreed to an interview, and she previously had agreed to an interview, that there was an apparent effort to cancel that interview after they raised concerns about the reporting on Weinstein,” Farrow said in the interview.

“It was an example of how power protects power,” he added.

The announcement reinforces an October 9 article in the Hollywood Reporter, which alleged that Clinton’s publicist Nick Merrill contacted Farrow in the buildup to a scheduled foreign-policy interview between Clinton and Farrow to state that the Weinstein story was a “concern for us.” Responding to the story on Twitter, Merrill did not deny the conversation with Farrow.

Farrow said Tuesday that the Clinton team eventually agreed to a “brief phone interview” after Farrow threatened to disclose the “weird conversation” he had with Merrill.

“Harvey Weinstein was one of Hillary Clinton’s big Hollywood bundlers, he brought in a lot of money for her, they were friends, and it was a personal moment of gut punch to me, like so many of these plot twists in this book, where people that I thought would report that kind of reporting, actually were very leery of it,” Farrow concluded.

Farrow’s book, “Catch and Kill” was released Tuesday, and also alleges that NBC News executives killed his bombshell expose on Weinstein’s misconduct due to concerns that the Hollywood mogul would retaliate by exposing former “Today Show” host Matt Lauer’s alleged sexual misconduct. Farrow ultimately left the company for The New Yorker, where his reporting on Weinstein’s sexual abuses earned the Pulitzer Prize.

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