Sherrod Brown: If Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Win, GOP ‘Stole It’

Senator Sherrod Brown (D, Ohio) speaks at the Ohio Democratic election night party in Columbus, November 6, 2018. (Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters )

Senator Sherrod Brown said Wednesday that if Democrat Stacey Abrams loses her bid for governor of Georgia, Republicans “stole” the election.

“If Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it,” the Ohio Democrat said. “It’s clear. It’s clear. I say that publicly and it’s clear.”

Brown went on to say that there are “way more” Democrats than Republicans, so the GOP has to cheat to win elections.

“They win elections by redistricting and reapportionment and voter suppression and all the ways they try to scare people, particularly people of color,” he said at the National Action Network conference in Washington.

Throughout the campaign, Republican nominee Brian Kemp was accused of using his position as Georgia’s secretary of state to suppress votes, in particular by putting tens of thousands of African-American voter registrations on hold. Kemp in turn accused the Democratic party just before Election Day of attempting to hack Georgia’s voter registration system, saying he had opened an investigation into it but refusing to provide any evidence for his claims.

Kemp currently holds a 55,000-vote lead over Abrams, who would be the first black woman to be elected a U.S. governor. Abrams has refused to concede, arguing that there are enough outstanding ballots to push Kemp under 50 percent of the vote, which would trigger a run-off election under state law.

The Georgia race is just one of several hotly contested midterm races that remain undecided a week after Election Day, including the Florida Senate race between Governor Rick Scott and incumbent Democratic senator Bill Nelson, which is undergoing a recount.

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