The Data Analysts Who Believe They’ve Uncovered Widespread Illegal Voting in Georgia

Voters cast their ballots at a Fulton County polling station in Atlanta, Ga., October 13, 2020. (Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters)
A lawsuit relies on the work of the data experts to allege that thousands of illegal votes were cast in the election, including by felons, children, dead people, and non-residents.

For two decades, Mark Alan Davis has urged Georgia’s leaders to clean the state’s voter rolls, and fix data errors that he feared could throw the state’s elections into doubt.

A voting consultant and data expert whose father was the Republican nominee for governor back in the mid 1980s, Davis described himself as kind of a “nerd” that “people may or may not find interesting.” But, he said, his concerns about the state’s election integrity have never risen to the top of most elected leaders’ to-do lists. Until now.

“For me, watching this election was like watching a very, very slow-moving train

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