The Democrats and Pundits Who Demanded ‘Justice for Jussie!’

Former Empire actor Jussie Smollett leaves court during his trial in Chicago, Ill., December 8, 2021. (Jim Vondruska/Reuters)

Empire actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty on five of six charges associated with staging a fake hate crime in January of 2019 on Thursday, close to three years after Smollett claimed to have been attacked by MAGA hat-clad, epithet-hurling white men on the streets of Chicago.

And while some doubted Smollett’s dubious-sounding story, many working in politics and the press fell hook, line, and sinker for it, using it as a pretext to condemn not just Smollett’s would-be attackers, but to indict the country writ large:

-President Joe Biden hastily tweeted that “what happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated

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