The Media Predicted a Post-Holiday COVID Surge. Then Cases Plummeted

Walmart pharmacist Carmine Pascarella administers a Moderna coronavirus vaccine for a local resident as Walmart and other major U.S. pharmacies take part in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, in West Haven, Ct., February 17, 2021. (Mike Segar/Reuters)
Warnings of a coronavirus surge after the holidays looked plausible — until they weren't.

On the Sunday after Christmas, Dr. Anthony Fauci had a warning for CNN viewers: The nation may be on the brink of a “post-seasonal . . .  Christmas, New Year’s surge” of coronavirus cases.

For weeks, as COVID-19 cases climbed across the country, Fauci spread the word that the U.S. could face a “surge upon a surge.” Christmas could be worse than Thanksgiving, he said, because the holiday gatherings often lasted longer, sometimes a week or more.

Dr. Michael Osterholm, then an adviser to President-elect Joe Biden, predicted a “surge upon a surge upon a surge.”

Mainstream media outlets warned readers to “brace

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