Trucker Shortages Exacerbate Colonial Pipeline Fiasco

A truck driver walks back to his truck at a rest stop near Drayton, N.D., April 22, 2021. (Dan Koeck/Reuters)

As news of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown sent consumers up and down the East Coast into a gas-guzzling frenzy, distributors facing months-long driver shortages suddenly found themselves in a real pinch.

Such was the case with Georgia Tank Lines, a local tanker company located in Doraville, northeast of Atlanta. According to operations director Slade Casey, a 25-year veteran in the business, some of the stations serviced by the company’s 35 drivers were going through gas at a clip nine times faster than the usual rate.

“There’s a station down the road that normally goes through 9,000 gallons in 72 hours. And right

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