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Trump Condemns Investigation into Tax Records: ‘Fascism, not Justice’

Then-president Donald Trump departs from the White House in Washington, D.C., December 12, 2020. (Cheriss May/Reuters)

Former president Donald Trump on Monday decried the Supreme Court’s decision not to halt the turnover of his tax records to a New York prosecutor, condemning investigations by progressive officials into their political opponents as “fascism, not justice.”

Trump had repeatedly argued that the subpoena issued by Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, which includes documents from January 2011 to August 2019, was overbroad and issued in bad faith.

The documents from Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars, relate to the Trump Organization’s employment of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen and a hush money payment Cohen allegedly made to two women who claimed to have had extramarital affairs with Trump.

Trump called the investigation a “continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country.”

“Whether it was the never ending $32 million Mueller hoax, which already investigated everything that could possibly be investigated, ‘Russia Russia Russia,’ where there was a finding of ‘No Collusion,’ or two ridiculous ‘Crazy Nancy’ inspired impeachment attempts where I was found NOT GUILTY. It just never ends!” Trump said in a statement.

“So now, for more than two years, New York City has been looking at almost every transaction I’ve ever done, including seeking tax returns which were done by among the biggest and most prestigious law and accounting firms in the U.S.,” he said, adding that “the Tea Party was treated far better by the IRS than Donald Trump.”

Trump rebuked the Supreme Court which he said “never should have let this ‘fishing expedition happen,'” and also claimed the investigation was politically motivated, as it is being carried out in a “Democrat location.”

“The new phenomenon of ‘headhunting’ prosecutors and AGs — who try to take down their political opponents using the law as a weapon — is a threat to the very foundation of our liberty,” he said. “That’s what is done in third world countries. Even worse are those who run for prosecutorial or attorney general offices in far-left states and jurisdictions pledging to take out a political opponent.”

“That’s fascism, not justice — and that is exactly what they are trying to do with respect to me, except that the people of our Country won’t stand for it,” Trump said.

While Trump’s personal lawyers may choose to fight their appeal in the case, the release of the documents by Mazars effectively ends the dispute, which began last July when the Supreme Court voted 7–2 to reject Trump’s claims of immunity from a state criminal subpoena seeking his tax returns.

Vance celebrated the ruling on Monday, which was issued without comment or noted dissent, saying in a tweet, “The work continues.”

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