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Trump Dismisses National Security Adviser John Bolton

John Bolton, then national security adviser to President Trump, speaks during a press briefing at the White House on November 27, 2018. (Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

President Trump announced Tuesday that he has dismissed John Bolton from his role as national security adviser.

The White House announced that Bolton would appear at a press briefing along side Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin less than an hour before Trump tweeted about his dismissal.

Moments after Trump announced his firing, Bolton denied that the matter had been settled the previous night.

The announcement comes just days after Trump publicly abandoned plans to invite Taliban leaders to Camp David to begin negotiating the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump became dismayed in recent days with the numerous reports detailing his disputes with Bolton over the Taliban meeting, according to CNN.

The meeting’s cancellation was widely seen as a victory for Bolton, a notoriously aggressive Middle East hawk, who reportedly cautioned the president against lending the Taliban credibility through an invitation to the famed Camp David.

Bolton has also reportedly clashed with Trump over his courting of North Korean dictator Kim Jon-un, who Trump has effusively praised in public throughout his presidency.

Skeptical of the efficacy of Trump’s public overtures and willingness to meet with Kim, Bolton decided against accompanying the president on his most recent trip to the demilitarized zone in June, traveling instead to Mongolia in what he insisted was a previously planned trip.

He also counseled Trump to respond more aggressively to the downing of an American drone flying over international waters off of Iran, which occurred last month in the wake of a series of Iranian attacks on oil tankers traveling through the area.

Trump initially planned an airstrike in response to the provocations but subsequently abandoned the plan to concern over the loss of life despite Bolton’s continued support for a show of force.

Bolton’s deputy, Charles Kupperman, will take over as acting national security adviser until a replacement is appointed.

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