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Trump Lawyers Have Submitted Written Answers to Special Counsel’s Questions

(Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

President Trump’s attorneys have submitted his written responses to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s questions regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election, they announced Tuesday afternoon.

“The President today answered written questions submitted by The Special Counsel’s Office. The questions presented dealt with issues regarding the Russia-related topics of the inquiry. The President responded in writing,” Counsel to the President Jay Sekulow told ABC News in a statement.

Trump, who is also reportedly being investigated by the special counsel for possible obstruction of justice, confirmed last week that he would personally draft responses to investigators’ questions.

“I write the answers. My lawyers don’t write answers,” Trump told reporters last week. “I was asked a series of questions. I answered them very easily.”

The questions reportedly dealt in part with how much the president knew about his advisers’ contacts with Russians.

“I’m sure they’re tricked up,” Trump said Friday about Mueller’s questions. “Because, you know, they like to catch people. So you have to always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions.”

Trump’s responses come after a protracted period of negotiation between his attorneys and Mueller’s team over the scope of the questions he would answer.

“It has been our position from the outset that much of what has been asked raised serious constitutional issues and was beyond the scope of a legitimate inquiry. This remains our position today. The President has nonetheless provided unprecedented cooperation. The Special Counsel has been provided with more than 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of material, and now the President’s written responses to questions. It is time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion,” Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, said in a statement.

The attorneys said that it is “time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion” now that the president’s answers have been submitted.

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