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Poll: Two-Thirds of Voters Think Mueller Should Try to End Russia Probe before Midterms

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (Molly Riley/Reuters)

Sixty-six percent of voters — including 57 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of Republicans, and 69 percent of independents — want Special Counsel Robert Mueller to try to wrap up his investigation into Russian election interference before November’s midterms, according to a CNN poll.

The vast majority of those polled, 70 percent, said Trump should sit for an interview with investigators if Mueller requests it. About 30 percent said the investigation will be “extremely” important to their congressional votes this year. Over half, 56 percent, also said they believe the president has attempted to interfere in Mueller’s investigation.

The poll also shows a five-point increase in those saying they approve of Trump’s response to the investigation, up to 34 percent from 29 percent in June. However, 55 percent still say they disapprove of Trump’s response to the probe. The president has frequently called the investigation a “witch hunt” and demanded that it be closed.

The president currently has a 42 percent overall approval rating, narrowly ahead of the standing enjoyed by Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan at the same point in their presidencies. Mueller’s job approval is higher, with 47 percent saying they approve of the way he has handled the investigation, up from 41 percent in June.

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