U.K. House of Lords Approves Measure Blocking No-Deal Brexit

Brexit posters in Westminster in London, England, May 23, 2019. (Kevin Coombs/Reuters)

The British House of Lords on Friday passed a measure barring the United Kingdom from divorcing the European Union without a deal between the two sides, ensuring that the measure will become law after the House of Commons passed it earlier this week.

The law requires Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request an extension of the current October 31 Brexit deadline from the EU if the two sides have not reached a deal on the terms of Britain’s withdrawal by October 19.

Johnson has vowed that he will not ask the EU for an extension but will keep Brexit on track despite the lack of an agreement, saying Thursday that he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than delay.

“There are no circumstances in which I could accept anything like it,” Johnson said. “We promised the people we would get Brexit done. Enough is enough. The country wants this done.”

Nevertheless, the measure will become law as soon as it gets formal royal approval.

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