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Lean Left

by Kevin D. Williamson

MSNBC drops the mask

MSNBC, which is a cable news channel in precisely the same sense that a gentlemen’s club is a club for gentlemen, has been doing a public service by collecting its tedious liberal operating assumptions into a series of advertisements, the “Lean Forward” campaign. If you want to know more about the obscure motives of the agitated and fitful little hamster turning the neocortical wheel inside Rachel Maddow’s apparently impenetrable noggin, then by all means have a gander at these commercials at If, on the other hand, you have a full and productive life, with family and professional obligations, hope to make a good account of it to your Maker, and are Stoically mindful of Seneca’s declaration that life is long enough if you know what to do with it, then allow me to summarize the videos for your convenience.

The first thing to know is that Rachel Maddow loves, loves, loves the Hoover Dam. Also bridges, but mostly the Hoover Dam. Sporting a hardhat, the most comical choice of headgear since Michael Dukakis took his fateful ride in that tank (and Mr. Dukakis at least had the excuse of needing to butch up his public image, whereas MSNBC was criticized for applying the opposite pressure to Ms. Maddow), Ms. Maddow begins a speech that sounds like it was written for the villain in an unpublished Ayn Rand novel: “When you are this close to Hoover Dam,” she says, “it makes you realize how small a human is in relation to this as a Human Project.” She goes on to say, “You can’t be the guy who builds this. You can’t be the town who builds this. You can’t even be the state that builds this. You have to be the country that builds something like this.” The question before us, she argues, is whether America is still the sort of country that can build a Hoover Dam.

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