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Romney vs. Obamacare
What the presumptive nominee should say


Thus Obamacare takes a Medicare system that stifles innovation and prevents competition, and maintains its irrational structure while subjecting it to a rationing board that will undermine access and quality. Romney, on the other hand, has proposed to reform Medicare to allow competition to drive efficiency and cost control while continuing to provide a guaranteed insurance benefit to the elderly.

Obamacare vastly expands Medicaid without reforming its structure — intensifying the incentive for overspending and drawing more middle-class Americans into a segregated, subpar health system. Romney has proposed to reform Medicaid into a block grant to the states, to give states an incentive to improve the program’s quality and lower its costs, and to find ways to integrate the poor into the broader health-insurance system rather than draw the middle class out of it.

February 6, 2012    |     Volume LXIV, No. 2

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