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Looking for chill, progressive person to share ride to #occupywallstreet protest in New York. Me: 28, inked, Ph.D. candidate in Modern French Outsider Fiction, progressive, smart, great conversationalist, diverse playlist on iTunes for DJing during trip. You: have gas money, car, room for my stuff. Please REPLY WITH FACE PIC!!


Saw you in park when I was walking to work. I was in a suit and walking with some other bankers. You were shouting at us and holding a sign that said “Die Banker Pigs.” Our eyes met for a moment and I thought there was a connection or something. Was going to find you later during lunch but ended up on a long conference call with Zurich. Then had a business dinner at Le Bernardin. Would love to meet up. Tell me what your T-shirt said so I know it’s you.


Looking for a chill, progressive person to pick me up at #occupywallstreet protest in downtown Manhattan and give me a ride back to my parents’ house so I can pick up my iPhone charger and do my laundry. MUST BE progressive, independent revolutionary with total commitment to global change. Also, must have gas money. I have E-Z Pass unit for tolls from my parents’ car. PLEASE REPLY with evidence that you’re committed to the mission of economic justice. Will follow you on Twitter and see how it goes.


Not sure if this is you. You were a guy in a suit walking with some other d-bags to your office tower where you wield your unelected power against the working people of the world. I hate you and everything you stand for and if you think we shared “a moment” you’re even more deluded than I thought a person like you could be. If you still want to meet, I’m certainly up for it, but expect to be educated about the destruction you and your kind have unleashed on the world. Oh, and my T-shirt was the “Hello Kitty” logo with the kitty’s fist raised up in revolutionary solidarity. So what about it, pig? Do you have the guts?


Looking for chill, progressive person with a tent and a sleeping bag I can borrow for extended service at the #occupywallstreet protest in downtown Manhattan. My camping equipment is unavailable to me (parents away on a cruise; locked out of house; long story) but if you have these items (and ONLY if you have these items) plus a car and can pick me up at my parents’ house which is more convenient than the train station due to long walk required etc. then PLEASE respond to this WITH FACE PIC.

October 31, 2011    |     Volume LXIII, No. 20

  • Bobby Jindal is leading Louisiana’s revival.
  • Celebrating a remarkable Supreme Court tenure.
Books, Arts & Manners
  • Tracy Lee Simmons reviews James Madison, by Richard Brookhiser.
  • William Tucker reviews The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World, by Daniel Yergin.
  • Michael Novak reviews The Most Controversial Decision: Truman, the Atomic Bombs, and the Defeat of Japan, by Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C.
  • Eli Lehrer reviews The Collapse of American Criminal Justice, by William J. Stuntz.
  • Ross Douthat reviews The Ides of March.
  • John Derbyshire laments the passing of ‘supererogate’ — and more.
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