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by Richard E. Trennert



To the east is subtropical fern
Whose shadows imprint the trails to the springs,
More ancient than the forests themselves.

To the west of these too-deep predawn pools
There are rolling fields and oaks,
Green ladies trailing gray lace who shade

The horses grazing there.

Far from northern cities I feel the rain
Blasting the roof where I have sought cover
From the lightning which, oddly enough,
Never strikes the horses who have turned
Their backs to the storm.

I look out at the sudden dark
As it moves toward me and the lashing
Ropes of light as they try to strike the sky.

It moves toward me, then away.
I wish to measure it and understand its weight.
But it is gone.

I wonder at the force of its wave
And the intensity of its light as much as
I fear the age of the forests
And the depth of the springs.

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