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by William W. Runyeon

Time and the River

Time and the river have always
their place in life
as the essential things
never to be brought home
in triumph or in sorrow;
never lost as they can
never be possessed;
and if neglected because
of the implacable urgency
of work, illness, tragedy,
or the foolishness
of having been forgotten,
they will again, in their own time,
loom large, with remembrance,
and potential.

As remembered, in the savage beauty
of overwhelming high water, winter’s end,
the brown god of swift,
devastating destruction, cleansing
the land of man’s encroachments and debris,
soon to sparkle with the splashing ducks,
the sweet innocence, of spring and summer.
The seasons portray time and the river
with an expectancy grown beyond
their joyous annual return,
not through some quiet grove,
nearly still, for hopeful contemplation,
but through bright, moving waters,
and their melody of uneven transparencies,
where the mysteries we have
come to know, or believe,
are always, always,
exceeded by those we desire.

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