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It looks like Egypt has discovered term limits.

The House vote to repeal Obamacare is being treated by the media as a political stunt, since the bill is unlikely to pass the Senate and certain to be vetoed by President Obama if it does. Nonsense. Everyone knows that repeal is a project that cannot be completed until 2013 at the earliest. But everyone also knows that the project would have died this year if a Republican House had not approved the repeal bill. When Obamacare passed in the spring of 2010 by seven votes, nobody predicted that within a year the House would have voted to repeal it by a 56-vote margin. Nor did anyone predict that 28 states would have challenged the law’s constitutionality in court. (One federal judge has ruled against a key provision, and another recently ruled against the whole law, though appeals are pending.) If present trends continue, expect liberals to keep insisting that Obamacare is starting to gain popularity and that the repeal campaign is losing steam — right up until the day that repeal becomes inevitable.

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