NR Digital


by Jennifer Reeser


Playing with princesses, coloring pages
Inked in a magazine drawn from the ages,
Muscle and modishness meet the ideal.
Marionettes in contempt of a meal
Hang — without strings — by the strength of their gazes.
Bent in your hands, their submission amazes.
Thus they become the butt ending of envy.
Leaf upon leaf, neo-classical frenzy
Saturates, contemplates, settles, bemuses –
Solving suspiciously as it confuses.
Emeralds, peppermint-green paper forests
Accent these scenes — the lean portraits of florists.
Marionette Vodianova concedes
Russian Orthodox custom in rosary beads.
How should one value Veruschka’s expression
Shuttered in this closed photography session?
Powdered divinity candy and cushions
Cover the spreads of mid-winter editions,
Marshmallow white; for their headdress, sewn roses
Over demure or obstetrical poses.
Stunned between futures, the past and the present,
Which would you wager they find the most pleasant,
Statues descending a studio ladder?
Narrative needs little more, to forge matter.

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