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Budget War

by James C. Capretta

Strategy and tactics for the new House majority

The 2010 midterm election was a decisive victory for Republicans. From where they now sit — with a strong majority in the House and a much-improved position in the Senate — they can finally provide an effective counter to the Obama administration. At a minimum, their increased numbers in Congress should put a stop to the hyper-activist period ushered in by President Obama’s inauguration. For that alone, many voters will be grateful that the Republicans are back in positions of power and relieved that the recent period of unchecked liberal dominance at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue is over.

But Republicans will need to do more than just block the never-ending Democratic quest for more government. They will need to present their own agenda, especially in the House, and especially with respect to spending — the issue that so animated their supporters throughout 2010.

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