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Mojo Myth

by James Lileks

The president attended church in Hawaii, but he went the day after Christmas, so as not to distract from the other guy’s limelight. Decent of him; the babe only gets one day a year. He had much to be grateful for, since the month of December had seen the Miracle of the Reinvested Mojo. Gone was the battered, diminished wisp of a president who ceded his podium to the husky bloviations of Clinton the First; now he was back, baby, with a tripartite victory under his belt. Let’s recap:

Stunning Victory No. 1: He’d gotten the tax deal he never wanted and had long complained about with the prickly tone of a food critic forced to admit that the foie gras–stuffed veal is delicious though sodden with cruelty. He even admitted that raising taxes in a recession would be unwise, which was nice. It’s a bit like a medieval bloodletter admitting that the patient should occasionally take a break from being covered with leeches, if only to produce a fresh supply of humours and phlogiston, but any sort of recognition of something called “economics” is welcome, regardless of the necessity that produced it.

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