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The entrant from Alaska was poorly qualified and awkward, she kept taking wrong steps, and the experts gave her low marks, yet she attracted plenty of votes because of whose daughter she was. But enough about Lisa Murkowski . . .

The latest info dump of WikiLeaks was a quarter of a million American diplomatic cables sent during the last three years. On first pass, none of the strategic revelations seemed very surprising — Arab states want the United States to smite Iran: indeed — while the personal items resembled a foreign-policy Page Six — Moammar Qaddafi travels with a bosomy Ukrainian “nurse.” Altogether they have a chilling effect on negotiating and snooping, both vital diplomatic tasks; and who knows what details could be dangerous, even lethal, to their sources or their recipients? WikiLeaks’s founder, Julian Assange, is an arrogant fraud, an anti-American masquerading as a libertarian Zorro (leak some Chinese cables, big guy). Pfc. Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst who stole these and other secrets, is being tried for his deeds. One hopes he gets the stiffest possible sentence, pour encourager les autres.

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