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U. Topia Up North
Jonah Goldberg’s “U. Topia” (October 18) was a terrific piece, but his cheap shot at Canada — he says Canadians “think they’ve transcended international conflict when really they are enjoying their posh welfare benefits under the security of America’s cape, subsidized by the billions we spend on a credible military deterrent so they don’t have to” — drops his grade to “A.”

He should have looked at the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom rankings to see where our respective countries rank. He should have compared the size of the American stimulus to that of the Canadian one. He should have reflected on the health-care debates in our two countries and determined which one is intellectually honest and grapples with the issues, and which one is a screaming contest focused on finger-pointing. He should have considered how infinitesimally small is the difference between the ways the average American and the average Canadian view the fundamental values at the heart of freedom and responsibility. Had he done so, he would have excised the cheap shot and earned an “A+.”

Mike Ferguson
Via e-mail

Jonah Goldberg replies: Mr. Ferguson makes many fine points for which I am grateful. I am willing to concede that our neighbors to the north run the best college campus in the world.

Waiting for the Apocalypse
In his fine review of Waiting for “Superman” (“A Mighty Wurlitzer,” November 1), Ross Douthat fails to mention that director Davis Guggenheim’s last major documentary renders this one moot: Given that we failed to follow the prescriptions outlined in An Inconvenient Truth, our first priority must be to get these kids to higher ground.

Scott Reusser
Westlake, Ohio

James P. Pinkerton, the author of “Talking Cures” (June 21), was identified as a former domestic-policy aide in the George W. Bush administration. In fact, he held that position in the George H. W. Bush administration.

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