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Sixty-five and counting: Nancy Pelosi does turn out to be a job creator.

Soon-to-be-former Speaker Pelosi wants to stay on as minority leader in the new year. For now, she seems safe, though Fox News broke word of a letter from defeated Blue Dogs and others urging her to step aside, and the New York Times asked her in an editorial to do the same (the dead dogs think she became too controversial, the Times thinks she is a bad communicator). Pelosi is a good fundraiser and a tough infighter; her San Francisco liberalism is an even better match with the views of a caucus shrunken to liberal bailiwicks. But for Democrats to re-anoint her is to go into a crouch. Since the minority party in the House has one fewer leadership slot than the majority party, there is also a fight for the minority-whip post between Steny Hoyer (sort of moderate) and James Clyburn (Congressional Black Caucus). Ed Koch said it long ago: “It’s better to win than to lose.”

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