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The Big He, Not for Me

by Jay Nordlinger

A word against Clinton nostalgia

Bill Clinton has been front and center this year, campaigning for Democratic candidates. Indeed, he is the King Democrat, the White House’s main surrogate, the number-one Democratic speaker on the trail. He can go places where President Obama can’t — because Obama is not at his most popular just now. Clinton has stumped for about 65 candidates, at something like 100 events. And he is very good at it, campaigning. No one has ever disputed that.

Something funny has come over conservatives in the past year and a half or so — since Obama was sworn in, or shortly thereafter. And that something is Clinton nostalgia. With increasing frequency, you hear, “Ol’ Bill wasn’t so bad, compared with this flaming radical we got now. He was a peach of a moderate, Bill was. And he was foursquare within American traditions — not so sure about Obama. I kinda miss the ol’ scoundrel.”

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