NR Digital


by William W. Runyeon


Each soul is the last of its kind,
the last of the Mohicans,
the singular Tom Jones of the time,
the everyman of fable, legend,
and history.
Whatever comes into the world,
however changed
by the life lived and dreamed,
when that life is no more,
whatever yet remains
exists for all time
within the illumination
of having ever lived.
To find the individuation
of experience and understanding
diminished by the eternity before,
and the endless days
of each death thereafter,
is untrue to life,
the gift of ever having lived,
the soul of creation
affirmed and reaffirmed
in each separate way of being.
We live, and die,
within our anecdotes and idiosyncrasies.
Each moment is an only one,
as is each identity;
plot its course, if you like,
distinct from any wisdom
of community,
singular, not solitary,
celestial, and star bright.

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