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Obama says you can’t change Washington from the inside — and he wants four more years to finish the job.

Most of the polls show Mitt Romney behind, and Democrats and the press are eager to call the race. Some Republicans are panicking, possibly including those at the Romney campaign, which has been cycling through tactics pretty rapidly. Inside and outside the campaign, Republicans should get a grip. Constructive criticism from outsiders is one thing; premature recriminations another. The race remains tight, and therefore winnable. Romney’s chief liability appears to be that voters trust Obama more than him to look out for middle-class interests. So Romney should aggressively and repeatedly make the case that tax reform, liberating the energy market, and replacing Obamacare will raise wages, cut the cost of living, create jobs, and improve financial security for nearly all Americans. If he does that, the Democrats will be the ones attacking one another after the election.

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