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by William W. Runyeon


A fondness for twilight
and for dawn,
touches everyone.

Both are connection;
but not like the hazy horizon
of summer dusk across the lake –
where only God can discern
where water ends and sky begins.

Like the tapestry of the still or moving train,
they are also the clang and clasp
of the couplings that hold the cars together;
the patterns of time’s passage:
together . . . and apart.

Still as a swan,
or vanished into the blue blur of the day;
driven or at rest;
rich with dreams and hope . . .
or barren as the far side of the moon.

The powerful attraction
is transition –
tension relieved
in seeing and feeling the fruit
of expectation grown ripe
in the moment . . . calm.

Dawn and twilight hold fast together
the day and the night
that neither may be lost to the other;
no matter awareness, distance, or difficulty –
and no matter any hazy sense
of where and when,
or to what purpose
arrives the next station.

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