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Victim Hillary

by Noemie Emery

Her career is a story of dependence, not empowerment

‘It Takes a Village” is the title of the book that Hillary Clinton wrote as first lady, and it took the death of Margaret Thatcher, one of the great prime ministers of all time, to show Hillary up as a Potemkin village when it comes to historic and feminist achievement.

True, Hillary grew up in, with, and of the feminist movement and Thatcher despised it, but when it comes to hope, change, gravitas, shattered glass ceilings, and other accomplishments, it is simply no contest: The former prime minister wins hands down. She changed, saved, and revived a great country, won a war (a small but symbolic one), and helped win the Cold War. As for Hillary Clinton — well, not so much. Hailed as a force of nature, great mind, and political genius when she first came into the eye of the public 20 years ago, she has consistently failed to live up to her billing in all ways but image. Campaigning with Bill as part of a two-for-one package, she made it clear she intended to be a full partner, and for two years, she was: Her drive for “diversity” in the president’s cabinet — translation: a female attorney general — led to Zoë Baird, Kimba Wood, and then Janet Reno (which led to the Waco catastrophe), and her year-long attempt to impose national health care led to the first wholly Republican Congress in 40-plus years.

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