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From the MSNBC Mailbag . . .

by Rob Long

Dear Melissa Harris-Perry:

My partner and I are huge fans of yours. We DVR your show every day and watch it at night, when the kids are in bed and the house is finally quiet. Of course, it’s not quiet for long! Boy, you really know how to project your voice! LOL.

But seriously, we love you and your show and especially the mission of your network, MSNBC. You really are the only bulwark against the Faux News onslaught of wingnuts and creeps. So, bravo!

So, this is just a letter of support for you, and to let you know that your recent promotional ad — the one about how it’s society that raises kids, that it’s not just parents, that the government also “owns” kids in a way, that it’s all of us who are responsible for each others’ kids — was right on target, and we know you came in for a lot of flak from the Usual Suspects in the Re-Thug-Lican party and their henchmen (O’Reilly, Beck, et al.), so, from the two of us, we say: Go Get ’Em! Huge support and props from this small house in Ann Arbor! You go, girl! We could not agree more!!!

That said, my partner and I are stressed out from a lot of issues we’ve been dealing with lately — some health concerns (I’ve got anxiety issues, my partner is coming off a powerful antihistamine) and some financial stuff we won’t bother you with, but we’ve finally — FINALLY!!!! — managed to convince my dad to give us the money to go on an adventure trip to Costa Rica (boy, was that a tough one; he loves his money and is pretty tight with it; and for the record, I do have a “job” in the social-activist/group-poetry arena because that’s where my passion has led me) and it’s going to be a trip of healing and reconnection to each other and it’s really really going to help de-stress a very stressful and volatile situation — my partner carries a lot of negative-impacting baggage from the whole childhood thing — and we leave next week!!!!! Couldn’t be more excited!!!!!

Through some pretty intrepid Internet investigations — my partner does Web consulting when the bipolar issues are in check — we got your home address. We know you’d want us to have it, especially since we’ve chosen you as our co-parent! Thanks so much!!!

So here’s the deal: We’re going to drop our kids off at your house next Tuesday somewhere in the 11ish range, and we really do need to be at the airport for check-in by 1 p.m., so we may not have a lot of time to chit-chat etc. though we promise a major download when we come back from Costa Rica and bunk in with you that night. The kids really are easy and self-directing. All you need to know is that Cesar CANNOT have any nuts or nut traces within 500 yards of him — I know you live in the city and that’ll be hard to guarantee 100 percent, but we’re thinking that with you in the media, neighbors will be more willing to comply — and that if Elsa wants to wear a black shroud to school and around the house that’s okay, but please talk to her about the possible cultural implications of telegraphing to the community that may interpret her actions as mocking Islamic culture, which is something we do not allow in our home. We’re a very culture-positive household and we really do insist that the other caretakers of our children — and you’re totally right! they are OUR children, ours and yours, at least for the two months we’ll be in Costa Rica — keep the energy flowing in the same direction.

Also: Not sure about schools in the area. We’re not crazy about having the kids out of school for the two-ish months we’ll be in Costa Rica. Can you investigate schools in your area? Thnx!

Last thing: The little one is still breastfeeding and we really do have a thing about that, so we’d like you to keep that up.

Okay, so those are all of the details I can think of right now. I’ll keep adding to a list that I’ll drop off with you when we see you! Again, thanks for your wonderful work on MSNBC and your wonderful message about raising kids in a community of parents!

Much Love,

Kit and Gerri

PS: Tyler is my partner’s son from a previous relationship. He will probably drop in for the month that corresponds to his spring break. Great kid, really no trouble. His college-tuition bill is due at some point soon. Appreciate your help with that.

PPS: Do you have Rachel Maddow’s e-mail? Looking into surrogate parenting and would be very interested in getting some of her eggs.

PPPS: Will be Instagramming a lot from Costa Rica. We’re @kitandgerriluvourkidz. What’s your user name?

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