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New line of attack on Ted Cruz: He doesn’t act like the other senators. New slogan for Cruz campaign: See above.

A Washington Post/ABC poll taken the week before the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library (see Jay Nordlinger, p. 22) showed that the former president and the current president have identical approval ratings: 47 percent. Barack Obama has been hailed by his supporters in and out of the media as the Second Coming. But even Jesus would be a lame duck in a second term that has so far been a substantive fizzle. For the departed, on the other hand, time removes the pricks of daily controversy. For Bush, it has allowed Americans to recall his fundamental decency and to appreciate that the Terror War, which came to him and us on 9/11, will last for more than two administrations and that Bush confronted it manfully. Better days have come for his reputation. Far more important, as he said at his library, is the hope that America’s best days lie ahead.

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