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Let Us Rage Together

by James Lileks

The Sanctioned F-Bomb finally appeared in the wake of the Boston bombings. Speaking at a televised baseball game, Red Sox player Big Papi said, “This is our [bleepin’] city.” The FCC not only declined to scold, but approved: The chairman tweeted that Papi “spoke from the heart,” which makes everything okay. You could say the same thing of Mother Tsarnaev’s lunatic screechings, but never mind.

Contrast with a poor TV anchorperson in North Dakota who mumbled the F-bomb while looking at his script, unaware that his mic was on. He also said something was gay, which gets you banned from the profession for two lifetimes. If he had, however, said “gay” and sworn in disgust over a terrorist attack on an LBGT advocacy center by tea partiers, he would probably be looking at Matt Lauer’s job right now. Authenticity, man!

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