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The Borg Below
I was intrigued by Kevin D. Williamson’s “Borg Queen” (May 6). It reminded me of the contrast between the junior devil’s “Enemy” and his “Father Below” in Chapter Eight of C. S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters. God, the “Enemy,” wants to make sons out of his believing followers. The “Father Below” (guess who) wants to “absorb” in body, mind, and will those who end up in his clutches. The progressive “queen” in charge of government, as Williamson describes it, appears to have a similar aim.

Gilbert B. Weaver
Siloam Springs, Ark.

Spying for Fun and Pleasure
It might seem late in the game to call for fairness toward Richard Nixon, but to write of a “Nixonian taste for secret tapes” in connection with Mother Jones and Senator McConnell (The Week, May 6) ignores the fact that no one has ever presented a shred of evidence that Nixon ever intended to do anything with his tapes but use them to write his memoirs. That was quite a bit different from LBJ, who reportedly found the FBI surveillance tapes of Martin Luther King Jr. highly entertaining. Who had the taste for secret tapes?

Albert Alioto
San Francisco, Calif.

The Texas Work Week
I always place great stock in your reviews of recent publications, and in particular I enjoyed your review of Erica Grieder’s Big, Hot, Cheap, and Right (May 6). One factor wasn’t emphasized to a sufficient extent, however: the Texas work ethic. It can be summarized best by an old Texas adage, “Work until it’s too dark to see.”

According to a San Antonio preacher I once heard, in the Bible you work sunup to sundown six days a week. If you work a 40-hour week you are semi-retired. Do you suppose that could be one reason an assemblage of goat-ropers was able to create an economic powerhouse?

Keep up the good work.

David J. Leidel
Arlington, Texas

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