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Brother Cornel in Britain

by Anthony Daniels
Preaching salvation, hugging strangers, rocking the fans

When Brother Cornel — also known as Dr. West, depending on the context — came to Britain, the Guardian newspaper, the daily Bible reading of Britain’s state-funded intelligentsia, reported that he “had rock star quality.” It is a measure of how thoroughly the 1960s did their work that this should be considered a compliment, possibly even the highest compliment, by the best- (or at any rate the longest-) educated section of the population.

Brother Cornel, it seems, was rather difficult for his hosts to keep to schedule:

As he saunters down the high street there are people to talk to, and no one can leave shortchanged. Everyone, “brother” or “sister,” is treated like a long lost family member. 

It doesn’t occur to the writer of the piece that where everyone is treated like a long-lost family member, we are not in the presence of family feeling, indeed of feeling of any description, but rather of an act, a performance. This in effect is a presidential campaign with no election at its end.

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