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The good news: The NSA doesn’t know you’re reading this. The bad news: The IRS does.

The latest Republican fashion on immigration is to declare broad support for the Senate bill while also saying that it needs stronger border-security provisions. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who helped write the thing, has taken this tack, and now so has Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. Senator John Cornyn of Texas has not declared his support for the bill, exactly, but has couched his proposal to amend the bill in similar terms. None of them shows any signs of being willing or able to fix the basic security defect of the bill, which is that illegal immigrants would get legal status before the security provisions are in place. None of them even acknowledges this defect. Cornyn’s amendment does nothing to touch it. Nor do any of them express the slightest concern about other questionable provisions of the bill, such as its increase in the flow of low-skilled immigrants to our country. Instead of being amended, this bill needs to be rewritten — or junked.

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