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Mike Bloomberg may want to sit down with Bob Filner and explain what ‘stop and frisk’ means.

According to conventional wisdom, the Gang of Eight immigration bill went from inevitable to dead in all of 60 seconds. Its prospects were exaggerated, though, as are current reports of its demise. While Speaker Boehner says the House won’t take the bill up, his caucus is divided on immigration and has yet to settle on a tack. We believe it should pass incremental reforms — enforcement measures, perhaps packaged with a carefully crafted version of the DREAM Act — but worry about what would happen in a conference committee with the Senate. The pressure to adopt a version of the Gang of Eight bill and then send it to the House to pass with the support of Democrats and some Republicans would be enormous. Boehner should make an ironclad assurance to his caucus never to go to conference. This pledge will enhance Boehner’s ability to pass incremental measures, since House conservatives won’t feel compelled to try to block them for fear of an eventual conference. More important, it will truly kill the Gang of Eight bill, which deserves a place in the congressional dustbin.

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